Saturday, February 21, 2009

Part-02 the Graphic Novel that won't end.

So (to back track) it's now 2004. I'm at Warner Brothers. Atomic Romance is still living in the back of my mind. Fox studio advertised a contest 'Pitch-o-Rama' and invite folks to submit ideas for a new animated television series. So I began the 4th wave of development on my "little idea" and I rename it.. DR. MOODY MD.. The interesting thing about this FOX studio sponsored "contest" was that, right before I submitted my material, I secretly heard "through the grapevine" that allegedly Fox had already chosen their contest winner; 'American Dad' created by Seth McFarland. Well... there ya go.
The 5th wave of development using my "little idea" came when a good friend of mine at WB suggested I do a Graphic Novel. As you can see I toyed around with another name for the project 'Pulpatations' , changed the style of the characters a bit and roughed-out the first chapter of the comic book.
But as production stepped up , I put this book away until I could find more time to devote to it.


  1. JEEZUS!! Incredible, every bit of it. Par for the course if it's comin' from your pencil! Awesome that you're blogging; There goes the last of my hard drive space.

  2. Wow! I love this! Please finish it!

  3. Well as a matter of fact, I've picked it back up AGAIN. It has a new name now and few other things as well. Thank you all for your comments!