Thursday, February 19, 2009

Part 03 - Before "Atomic Romance'

Ok , at the time I started my 'Atomic Romance' photo novella, I was working at a restaurant in NYC called 'LOLA'. I had written a short story about a nurse and her deranged family, but writing wasn't my milieu. So, I asked a couple of my "waiter friends" who where writers to read over my story. One of those waiters was Stan Wlodkowski who would later go on to produce a little Academy Award winning movie called....
'American Beauty'.

Speaking of "slinging hash". When I was going to school in NYC, the first restaurant job I had there was at a place called 'Company'; a flamboyant "Mafia" owned establishment on the East side of Manhattan. Every night they had these colorful "Happy Hour" lounge singers; most notably Phoebe Leger. The drunks loved her, we all adored her.

Anyway, Phoebe got SUPER famous after being in Warhol's 'Interview' magazine and did a couple 'Toxic Avenger' movies. Phoebe was an authentic East Village celebrity, back in the 1980's. I strongly suspect Phoebe Leger was the inspiration for the character "Phoebe Buffay' on the sitcom "Friends". However Phoebe Leger is a great singer and musician.

Anyway, one particular Halloween at 'Company Restaurant' a new Busboy was hired; his name was Lee Tergesen. The photo on the left has a white arrow pointing to Lee on his very first night at the restaurant. BTW he dressed as a sailor boy that evening. Lee went on to work at LOLA Restaurant and later Empire Diner, but he's best known for his work as an actor in "Misfits of Science", "Wayne's World", the HBO’s prison drama 'Oz'. The list is endless.

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