Monday, February 23, 2009

Name that TOON

A lot of folks who don't work in the industry might think that Warner Bros. Animation is located on the actual studio lot. Currently the WB animation division resides at the WB Ranch. However during the 90's, WB Television Animation was located at the Sherman Ocks Galleria; more specifically in the Imperial Bank building.

In 1999 the Sherman Ocks Galleria was in the process of being completely gutted out in preparation for a major remodeling. At this time, I had transfered from WB's offices on the 8th floor of the Imperial Bank to Cartoon Network's ground floor offices in the Mall's Garden building. Needless to say there was a ton of falling debris in our office; ceiling tiles, electrical wire and huge scary rodents.

The Johnny Bravo series was created by Van Partible when Cartoon Network was know as Hanna-Barbera. However at the time I transfered over to work on Bravo, Time Warner., Turner Broadcasting /Hanna-Barbera and had all merged together and Cartoon Network studios was born. I think I was on Bravo for 3 seasons, I'm not sure now.

Here's some stuff I did while in production on Johnny Bravo. After I left this series, the show went on and so did my designs. I think there was a Bravo TV special and another season or 2 of the series.

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