Friday, March 13, 2009

The REAL Camden Cove

I recently went back to Maine to visit family. I got a chance to drive down to Camden to do some research for the main location in my graphic novel 'THE BOOK'. Here are some photos I shot.

My parents had a summer residents in the Camden area. I grew up hearing all about the "Hollywood Folk" who dropped by asking for cups of sugar or Whiskey, depending on the celebrity. My favorite yarn was about Bette Davis, who had a home in Camden for awhile. The way the story goes, Ms. Davis gave a fancy dinner party for her neighbors
(quote: Davis,"...F**K Betty Crocker"). After dinner, Bette politely told her guests never to speak or make eye contact with her ever again, (quote: Davis,"...even if my ass is on fire").

Here are a few Flicks that were shot in Camden, Maine: Peyton Place (1957),'In the Bedroom' (2001), 'The Cider House Rules' (1991), 'Pet Cemetery' (1989), 'Thinner' (1996), 'Carousel' (1956), “Forrest Gump” (1994), 'Iron Giant' (1999) (location research during development).

Lana Turner was the only cast member who did not do any location work in Camden, for the filming of 'Peyton Place' ( 1957)
Then in 1961 they made 'Return to Peyton Place' but the filming location was in Fitchburg, Massachusetts .
ABC's Peyton Place (1964-1969) was the very 1st evening Soap Opera on television. This version of the book was shot entirely on Stage 9 at 20th Century Fox in Studio City, California. I'm sure they didn't write too many cold snow days into the script.

Grace Metalious -- the "Pandora in bluejeans" (cheesy slogan by some hep PR guy) and the author of 'Peyton Place' -- was said by some to be a SMUT monger. But 'Peyton Place' was the 1st novel to sell 100,000 copies, which it did in the 1st month of it's release and then went on to sell over 12 million. Sadly Grace ended up broke, in debt and dead at age 40.