Sunday, July 12, 2009

Girlfriend's Back in Town !

My friend Michele Graybeal is back in Los Angeles to work on a new project at Cartoon Network. I shot this photo of her last Saturday when we had lunch together. Michele and I were on Bruce Timm's crew ( Superman the animated series, New adventures of Batman and Robin) back in the early Warner Bros. days.

Here are a few characatures Bruce Timm did of some WB crew members; Kevin Altieri, Dan Riba, and Keith Weesner.

Below on the left, is a characature of me done by Marc Lumer (but honestly, looks more like him), when we were working together on Superman the Animated Series. Marc is pictured in the photo on the right, sitting along side Trish Burgio. She also worked on our crew as a background painter. Marc was a background designer.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Work the Room Baby.

A closer look at my work spaces over the years
Posted below is a pic of my desk and crap, when I lived on 46th street in NYC. My apartment was next door to Joe Allen's Resturant in Hell's Kitchen NYC. I also worked at Joe Allen, as a waiter. The actress Ellen Burstyn yelled at me once, after I told her she couldn't leave the restaurant with an open bottle of wine.

My apartment on 46th street between 8th-9th Ave ( note the attractive bars on the windows) . The apartment above is also the same location I shot my 'Novella Romantica' photos. This is a sloppy panoramic view of my current apartment work space, near beautiful downtown Burbank. I was going through a "Velvet and Fur' phase when I moved in. A friend remarked that my apartment must be nice and cozy when it snows (which it does a lot in LA, so I'm all set).
My last apartment in Manhatten was on 30th street between 8th and 9th Ave.

Pictured below, is my work space in my 1st apartment in Los Angeles CA
Here's my cube, the last time I was at Cartoon NetworK; 6' x 6', it was quite spacious.