Sunday, August 23, 2009


Bob is on the left, I'm on the right. The car and the dog belonged to our Art teacher Linda Rowell Kelley. You can kinda see one of her paintings, leaning on the Chicken house, way in the back. At this time, Bob and I were in the 7th grade.
Here's a winter shot of Linda Rowell Kelly and the Bug that Bob and I were sitting in. A few years later, Bob and I started selling some of our paintings and Linda suggested that we use the money to buy our own art supplies; which we did. That was my 1st in lesson in personal and artistic independence.

Bob Doucette: Maine, New York, California
Below, 'Captain Quantum vs. The Ugly Druggies' , a birthday present from Bob Doucette. For those of you who only look at the pictures, I did not paint these. I did not paint these. I did not paint these. This is an anti-drug program game for children called, Captain Quantum vs. The Ugly Druggies produced by John Kricfalusi and his production studio ("Mighty Mouse","The Ren & Stimpy Show"). Shown above and below, are some photos and scans of the board game. For those of you who only look at the pictures, I did not paint these. I car pooled a lot, back in the old WB days. Actually I was just hitching rides cause I didn't have a car yet. For a month or 2, I car pooled with Vicky Jensen ( "The Ren & Stimpy Show" WB's "Taz-Mania" and Dreamworks' "Shrek") . Shown above is a scan of a magazine cover Vicky painted. She also painted the background of the board game 'Captain Quantum vs. The Ugly Druggies" ( If you look closely you can see her signature). Vicky is now a live action director.

Traveling ON THE ROAD with Bob was great. I will always remember the friends we shared and the experiences we had together, growing up in Maine and the college years, with an enormous amount of love and appreciation.


  1. Cool! Your friend Bob looks like a Jonas Brother in the first photo. teehee! Vicky's Millimeter cover is beautiful. I'm digging the painted bg.

    I love the JohnK's older art. *There are some great scans of the Captain Quantum game over here:

  2. Thanks for the link! I just realized that my Captain Quantum game set is missing a number of different pieces, mainly those montage cards with all the characters from the player cards. DAMN!!!

  3. i love scooby doo its my favorait show :D