Sunday, December 20, 2009

Production, Prevenancy and The Pitch

Back in Dec of 2007, I entered a MYSPACE sponsored FOX competition entitled 'Storyteller Challenge'. (BTW I would not advise anyone to enter a contest to sell their show). 2 years later, looking back at the winners, it appears that FOX didn't quite choose "The Next Great TV Show" as promised by their contest tag line. However the story I came up with for this challenge, inspired me to craft my next TV Animation pitch. Below is a sample of the artwork I created for my 5 min. Animatic video. In February of 2008 I was hired back by Warner Bros. Animation to work on a new series. Although I didn't remain on this show for any great length of time, it did offer me an opportunity to stop by the head of Programing Development and setup a time to pitch a couple of shows. Now, a decade ago, in 1999 while I was finishing up work on CN's 'Johnny Bravo', my crew was invited to pitch ideas to Warner Bros. for a possible TV series to develop. I submitted a show called "REX" Teen Space Cadet, however, none of the pitches we submitted were developed. Shown above is some of my personal development for 'REX". In March of 2008, I went into my WB Development meeting with 3 pitch ideas. The series that was ultimately singled out in the meeting was a show I created called 'The Kiddie Show'. It was a combination of "Rex" Teen Space Cadet and the idea I submitted to FOX's Storyteller Challenge. Shown above, is the main character from "The Kiddie Show' holding a copy of the 'REX' Teen Space Cadet comic book. In May of 2008, WB offered me a development gig. I went out, got an Agent and signed my deal. In june of 2008, Warner Bros. went through some interdepartmental restructuring and I was asked to come back in and re-pitch 'The Kiddie Show' to the new executive in charge of TV animation. Shown above are some "early" development designs I created for 'The Kiddie Show'. As these things go, in my re-pitch meeting, I was offered a number of things to development for 'The Kiddie Show' series. I was also allowed to hire a writer to work with on the pilot script. The art work shown above and below, are a few development designs I did during this time. For those wondering, I did include an African American, Asian and Latino "kid design" in this main group. It may appear that all the children look the same, due to my choice to unified their overall design theory.

Sometime around Oct of 2008, development on The Kiddie Show stalled.

In February of 2009 the executive in charge of Animation Programing Development was laid off.

In March of 2009 I was told that Warner Bros. was going to pass on my development option.

As things stand today, I pitched the 'Kiddie Show' series at a few other studios, back in June 2009 and had a couple of nibbles . However as of 2 weeks ago, everyone passed on 'The Kiddie Show.' That's Show Biz, kid'O.