Saturday, February 27, 2010

FLASHBACK to 2004-1988

Here's a 2004 screen grab of my desk top which had the "working title" of my comic book, 'Dr. Moody MD.' and the original pages of what is now called 'THE BOOK'. At this time I was at Warner Bros. working on the TV series 'Duck Dodgers'. I kept a hardcopy of this on my animation desk, so I won't forget .

2004 I put this book aside partly because I hadn't found the spine of the story, it was still unclear in my mind how the story should unfold. Finding a visual hook, to begin this stuff, was equally confusing. Reference (scrap) and research material can be a blessing and a curse.

1988 Above are the very 1st drawings I did for this project , back in February 1988, when it was titled 'American Chop Suey'. At this time, I was living in NYC studying life drawing, I had not yet become an animation cartoonist.

Nevertheless , in the fall of 1988 I found a comic book drawing class taught by Len Wein at The New School in NYC . At the end of every class, he sold photo copies of original penciled comic pages for $5 bucks a pop. I bought as many copies as I could, but I had limited funds.

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