Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bat Trivia

Back in the '90's, I was a production designer on 'Batman the Animated Series' and all the other Bat-variations that followed, from '91-'98 at Warner Bros. Animation Studio. In 1998, Paul Dini (writer/producer) and Chip Kidd, published the coffee table book 'Batman Animated', through DC Comics. It featured a whole bunch of art and behind-the-scenes stuff from the Batman series. In the book, there's a pic of Bruce Timm's desk, as it appeared in 1997. On the right hand side, circled in white, is a photo I shot of Bruce's wife in '93.

The portrait was actually done as a favor, for one of the BG painters on 'Tiny Toon Adventures', who also designed handmade jewelry. Basically I did 36 pics of Bruce's wife, in the same pose, wearing a variety of earrings. We did this portrait shoot in Los Feliz CA , where I was living at the time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hendricks @ The Blue Note NYC

When I was living in NYC, I was invited by Jon Hudson, a student at The School of Visual Arts NYC and the son of famed jazz vocalist Jon Hendricks, to shoot some photos, for a couple of nights, during his father's week long engagement at the jazz club The Blue Note. Here are a few of my unpublished photos. BTW all these pics were shot with my Pentax K1000; that ain't digital kiddos.
Jon Hendricks was a member of the jazz trio vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross from 1957-'64. Their album 'Sing Along With Basie' '59 earned a Grammy "Hall of Fame Award" in 1998.

couldn't have been more of a disaster, for me. The only photography experience I had, up to this point, was a bunch of fancy portraits of my friends. The only shooting conditions I knew were the ones I set up myself; lighting, environment, props, stuff like that.

When I got to The Blue Note, I realized that the film speed I was using was too slow. I felt lucky, I brought my flash. Unfortunately, a group of Asian business men, sitting in front of me, didn't share my sentiment. 3 mins into the show and I was lost. All I saw were microphone stands, large instruments and a crowd of loyal Hendricks' fans who were not happy with the intrusion.

To be continued.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 2nd Set @ THE BLUE NOTE

The Blue Note performance was billed as ‘Jon Hendricks & Company', featuring his wife Judith Hendricks, his daughter Aria Hendricks, and Kevin Fitzgerald Burke. There were 2 shows nightly. I shot these photos between sets. One of their live television performances on Vitoria TV; Brasil 1991

These were shot in Hendricks' dressing room

Hendricks'2nd set had an opening act. I don't recall the performers name. But she and her manger cornered me and insisted that I not use a flash during the performance. The only option was to change my film stock and I had about 5 mins to find some.

A drug store on 6th ave. sold Kodak's new blk/wht film; TX 5063. This film speed is between Tri-X & Plus-X.

The 2nd set and the following night's performances , were much more enjoyable to photograph without the flash, to say the least.

I do have more Hendricks & Co. photos. I just haven't had time to scan them all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally a NEW camera!

One of my longest and most fruitful relationships, has been with my Pentax K1000. But as the digital age was ushered in, I followed the crowd.

My 1st digi was a Hewlett Parkard "point & shoot" PhotoSmart. Then I upgraded to a Canon Powershot G6. However I never warmed up to all it's presets, auto focusing and endless doo-dad options. We simply stopped communicating and our marriage quickly soured.

Nevertheless, I recently picked up a Canon EOS Rebel XS and we've enjoying a lovely honeymoon together!