Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 2nd Set @ THE BLUE NOTE

The Blue Note performance was billed as ‘Jon Hendricks & Company', featuring his wife Judith Hendricks, his daughter Aria Hendricks, and Kevin Fitzgerald Burke. There were 2 shows nightly. I shot these photos between sets. One of their live television performances on Vitoria TV; Brasil 1991

These were shot in Hendricks' dressing room

Hendricks'2nd set had an opening act. I don't recall the performers name. But she and her manger cornered me and insisted that I not use a flash during the performance. The only option was to change my film stock and I had about 5 mins to find some.

A drug store on 6th ave. sold Kodak's new blk/wht film; TX 5063. This film speed is between Tri-X & Plus-X.

The 2nd set and the following night's performances , were much more enjoyable to photograph without the flash, to say the least.

I do have more Hendricks & Co. photos. I just haven't had time to scan them all.

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