Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hendricks @ The Blue Note NYC

When I was living in NYC, I was invited by Jon Hudson, a student at The School of Visual Arts NYC and the son of famed jazz vocalist Jon Hendricks, to shoot some photos, for a couple of nights, during his father's week long engagement at the jazz club The Blue Note. Here are a few of my unpublished photos. BTW all these pics were shot with my Pentax K1000; that ain't digital kiddos.
Jon Hendricks was a member of the jazz trio vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross from 1957-'64. Their album 'Sing Along With Basie' '59 earned a Grammy "Hall of Fame Award" in 1998.

couldn't have been more of a disaster, for me. The only photography experience I had, up to this point, was a bunch of fancy portraits of my friends. The only shooting conditions I knew were the ones I set up myself; lighting, environment, props, stuff like that.

When I got to The Blue Note, I realized that the film speed I was using was too slow. I felt lucky, I brought my flash. Unfortunately, a group of Asian business men, sitting in front of me, didn't share my sentiment. 3 mins into the show and I was lost. All I saw were microphone stands, large instruments and a crowd of loyal Hendricks' fans who were not happy with the intrusion.

To be continued.....


  1. Great shots man! (The non-flash ones) Thanks for posting these.

  2. Thanks. I do think all the photos are interesting, in their own way, but the non-flash photos say more about the performer and less about me struggling to capture the performance.